Why Is Tag Heuer So Popular Among Watch Lovers

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Tag Heuer is a company that has been in the watch making business for decades. It not just manufactures watches, but also designs them and as well as markets them. The brand is not just well known for their watches, but also for other accessories like mobile phones and eyewear.

The Background

The company is as usual a Swiss watch making company. It was basically founded in the year 1860 and https://www.mtkfile.com/author/powerroach96/ from then it had been a tycoon in the watchmaking industry.

The company is well known for its precision, amazing designs and marketing propagandas. In the current times, the company mainly manufactures models such as Link, Formula One, Carrera, Grand Carrera and Aquaracer and Monaco.


Being India's most famous actor is a lot of pressure. Making the right choices and staying on top is an everyday fight. Like TAG Heuer, Shah Rukh Khan keeps reinventing himself and never cracks under pressure.

Unknown Facts

In the summer of 1920, Tag Heuer had been the official watchmaker of 3 summer Olympics. It has been associated with the Sport world as well as Hollywood. The ambassadors of the brand had hailed both from the international sports arena and the Hollywood.


Have you ever heard of watch movement that is regulated by belts rather than the little gears inside a watch? If not, then you really need to think in a different way. With the Monaco series, your conception of gear movement will change forever.


The Carrera Calibre 360 model happens to be the first of its kind to have the ability to measure 1/100 of a second. The Monaco 69 model flaunts both traditional movement as well as a digital chronograph, which is accurate to millisecond. It also has a hinged mechanism which allows the watch to have two dials at once.

Collaborated Designer

Nowadays, the main architect or one can say the main designer of the watches of Tag Heuer is none other than Christoph Behling. The collaboration of both Tag Heuer and this eminent designer has made it possible to present the fastest Chronograph to the world, which was officially launched in the year 2012.


Why would one buy Tag Heuer? The question is pretty simple and even the answer is simpler. First of all, the company has a reputation that walks before its name. Second of all, the watch making company designs its watches keeping in mind that it does not react to any external magnetic field and even to shocks of all kinds.

Battery Life

The battery life of Tag Heuer is commendable, with each having a two year life time. The quartz movement working on these batteries are accurate and precise with perfection.

The company has received many awards in the international arena. In the year 2010, they went on to receiving the La Petite Aiguille award that too in the Grand Prix of de Geneva. No matter what, you will always find this company to harbour the best watches every year.

Right Dealers

It is best if you buy the Tag Heuer watches from authorized dealers as it will help you in getting the right material without getting deceived. It is a company that requires no introduction and there is no end to its immense qualities. You will find each of its watches to be awarding in their own sense.

Author has written about the popular tag heuer watch and describe how it is popular for luxury watch lovers.