Securing Invicta Watch Clients

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As a business owner or work-in-progress entrepreneur, you're aware of the importance of forming relationships with your repeat customers - particularly those that purchase Invicta Bolt Zeus watches. It doesn't matter if they frequent your services several times a year, or several times a month - by fostering a good environment during your interactions, if they remain customers for a long time, then they multiply the customer-acquisition expense several times over. It's the number one rule of business (or, at least, one of the primary rules): the customer comes first.

With that said, there are different methods for securing clients of different means. For example, consider the case of an Illinois Invicta watch company offering timepieces along with office cleaning services that has a solid base of regulars, with the occasional addition of high-end clientele.

This company performed spotless cleaning in Chicago for a wide range of everyday companies - schools, offices, even residential areas - but had to employ more personalized methods to acquire single customers that could account for a substantial fraction of their business in any given quarter. The following tips are not at all relegated to cleaning services, but are useful for any business in which you provide services to high net-worth clientele.

1. Your Service Costs Reflect Your Professionalism

When you're going after the average business that will form the bulk of your user-base, it's alright - even advisable - to promote discounts on your services; incentivisation is often necessary in competitive industries.

However, you need a different marketing strategy if you're going after high-end clients; money is no object - quality is the driving consideration when they're trying to distinguish between services. Essentially, then, run two different campaigns - for the higher-end clients, emphasize the quality of your services and exude a sense of unfailing professionalism.

2. Establish Authority

Again; deals don't matter to the rich. Use content marketing and other methods to establish yourself as an authority in your field, or employ authorities to vouch for your services. For example, as a seller of men's Invicta watches, you can release a downloadable white book on the different lines of the Invicta brand.

Do research to figure out exactly what high-end clients want and expect, and incorporate these into your marketing platform. In fact, these tend to attract even those clients that you wouldn't ordinarily think of as high-end, because on some level everyone wants the best services - irrespective of price (to some extent).

The above is encompassed by lead generation, and to exude the authority that brings in clients, you need to consider a platform. Can you reach them better through blogging, or should you start a weekly local radio broadcast? You can even opt for a YouTube channel and build an audience through podcasting.

3. Customer Service is Imperative

It is important that you maintain a consistent level of exceptional customer service; when dealing with high-end clientele, the old adage "the customer is always right" applies here tenfold. References are worth ten times as much from one of these clients as from any single member of your primary user-base, after all.

Promptness, quality and attention to detail are highly-valued here - especially when they involve costly chronographs such as the Invicta Venom watch and the Invicta bolt Zeus. If you doubt the importance of customer service, then consider how well Invicta watches respond to consumer concerns, as seen on the brand website.

This is even truer with wealthy clients, since their referrals are so valuable, and the loss of their business can be so detrimental. Their expectations are generally high, but it's almost always worthwhile to meet them and expand your business beyond its current user-base.

Christina Thomas loves Invicta watches and her partners are heavily invested in promoting them. Visit her website for more information on all manner of services, as well as products for the holiday season.